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Startup India Helpline, innovators, Achievers and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality, We want to build a community of people who wants to bring the change, who can be the change, who would want to contribute in any possible manner be it financially or by their innovations or by their valuable suggestions. "It is truly a democratic platform originated in the largest democracy of the world. As this platform is "of the people, by the people and for the people" Abraham Lincoln.

Our Mission:

We created Startup India Helpline to help community of would have been entrepreneurs who have the potential but lack in guidance and resources. we would like to encourage entrepreneurs to build enterprises which can generate employment opportunities, wealth creation for Stakeholders and contribute to nations economy.

Our Vision:

In Next Five Years We would want to create an employment to over one lakh people from the projects we fund. We would like to fund over 1 Billion Dollars to various projects from our portal. We want at least 10 companies out of various companies we fund to reach a valuation of 1 Billion Dollars each.

Our Existence:

Startup India Helpline is an private limited company (HelloShoppee Online Private Limited) incorporated in 2015, We are a group of People like you who wants to Make a difference. We always wanted to create various projects which we thought were essential to be real but lacked the resources to make them a reality, then we realised it's just not us but thousands out there who have the most innovative ideas which can make our world a better place but they all lack resources. We thought only if we had enough resources things would have been different so we dedicated ourselves to build a platform which could generate resources not only for us button an entire community of entrepreneurs. Now the only thing which canstop you is your willingness to do, No more lack of resources will be the reason.

And yeah! Our team promises to fulfill our promise.


How It Works?

Register yourself on Ientra Login and complete your profile you can be an entrepreneur or investor or mentor or all.


For Entrepreneur:

  • Create a campaign by filling appropriate details about your project Like Category, Minimum amount needed and etc. Once form is filled please make a payment using Credit or Debit card or Net banking.
  • We will analyse your project would suggest you to make necessary changes to make it more investor friendly once its approved by you the project will be live on our portal.
  • Then your project details would be shared with our registered investors and we would recommend you to share your project link with your friends and family and in your social media.
  • Your project will be live for 90 days with in this duration your campaign has to be funded 100% it can be overfunded but not less than minimum amount mentioned by you, as its “All or Nothing” If it is not 100% funded then the amount will be returned back to investors.


For Investors:

  • To invest in Ientra you have to fill a form which will help us to know your financial status.
  • You can choose any of the projects you liked in our portal by simple pressing the invest button which will be at the bottom of each project, post pressing the button you will be prompted to mention amount you would be willing to invest.
  • Once you show your interest in selected project our back end team will get in touch with you and take you through to the process of transferring the amount.
  • The amount transferred will be with ientra and I will only be transferred to those projects which reach its target, if any of the campaigns fails to reach its minimum target set by entrepreneur money will be refunded back to investors.

Once a campaign is 100% funded then we perform detailed due diligence on the business, the company and the directors. Once we have completed legal due diligence, our investment team prepares the relevant legal documentation required to complete the round of financing raised on Startup India Helpline.

Ready to start raising?

We'll be here to help throughout your startup journey.

Free Register Here